Coordinator Scorecard

How does the Scorecard work?
The scorecard lists 10 challenges. For each challenge completed, you get the allotted points for that challenge.  The top 5 Scores will win special prizes (such as gift cards and certificates, tickets, etc.)

How do I get points?
Coordinators receive points by completing challenges which will contribute to the success of the campaign. Here are details on some of the challenges:

  • Attend Kickoff: Share and learn from your peers what makes a successful campaign. Interactive and fun new format.
  • Promote Campaign: Plan a strategy to promote the campaign by regular emails, posters, sharing your dept. goals, etc.
  • Promote Online Giving: Encourage co-workers to give online. Less errors, most efficient way to give.
  • Ask Each Staff Member: Create your own style to ask co-workers to give. Be friendly, persuasive without being pushy. Remember you are not asking for yourself – you are asking for those less fortunate.
  • Increase Participation and Dollars Raised: Set your goal high and go for it. Encourage everyone to give something.
  • Special Events: Plan fun-raising events that help build morale and excitement for the campaign. Look at our list of ideas or create your own!
  • Agency Speakers: Invite an agency speaker to an event or kickoff. The agencies have great speakers and can help convince co-workers to give.
  • Donate Item to Online Auction: Get your team involved with the Online Auction. All items are enthusiastically accepted. And don’t forget to encourage everyone to bid on the auction.

Complete the scorecard below or fill out this Scorecard Form and Return the completed sheet after your campaign is complete by:  Scanning and e-mailing it to Kathy Miller, NO LATER than November 2nd.


Contact Kathy Miller with any questions you may have.  Phone/Fax: 414-263-8150  or send her an e-mail: 


First Name

Last Name


Phone Number

Email Address




Attend Kickoff Training


Promote campaign in your department via hanging posters, email communication, etc.

 { Go to our new website for ideas and inspiration }


Promote Online Giving Option to co-workers


Introduce the campaign at a dept. meeting or individually depending upon culture of your area


Made an individual ask to each staff member


Increase participation rate from 2013


Increase dollars raised from 2013


Hold special event(s)

5 per event

Invite an agency speaker to a staff meeting or special event.


Donate item(s) for Online Auction from your department

 { i.e. themed basket, tickets, gift card, special services, handmade items, etc. }

10 per item

BONUS:  Share a new idea or suggestion to the board