Tax Information

Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. Only umbrella groups and charities that qualify for federal tax-exempt status may participate in the campaign. Please note: The Pension Protection Act of 2006 requires taxpayers who claim deductions for charitable donations to provide proof of all contributions should they be audited.


Be sure to keep a copy of your pledge form for tax purposes. In addition, if you choose payroll contribution, keep a copy of your last pay stub of the year and/or other documents from your employer that indicate the amounts you have given to charities.


If you contribute by cash, check, or credit card, keep all receipts, canceled checks, and/or bank statements that verify the amounts and recipients of your contributions. (The campaign will mail official receipts for cash, check, and credit card gifts of $250 or more. Receipts for gifts of less than $250 are available upon request.) If you have any questions about tax deductions for charitable gifts, consult a tax professional.


Federal law does not permit pre-tax charitable contributions, but contributions to the campaign are deductible on your income tax return, as allowed by law. For further information on tax-deductible contributions, be sure to contact your personal tax adviser or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service.