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2022 Umbrella Organizations

An umbrella, sometimes called a federation or association, is an organization that represents groups of nonprofit charities in the Greater Milwaukee Partners in Giving campaign. Some umbrellas bring together charities with common missions, such as health care or environmental conservation. Others are associations of nonprofits with wide-ranging interests.

To participate in this campaign, a charity must belong to an umbrella organization, and both the charity and the umbrella must meet the campaign eligibility requirements set by the Wisconsin Department of Administration.



America’s Best Charities
(415) 925-2650



America’s Charities
(703) 674-5343



Community Health Charities
(800) 654-0845



Community Shares of Wisconsin
(608) 256-1066




EarthShare Wisconsin
(608) 274-1173



Global Impact
(703) 717-5256



Hunger Relief Fund of Wisconsin
(414) 777-0483



United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County
(414) 263-8324


United Performing Arts Fund
(414) 273-6261


WI Association for Environmental Education
(715) 570-2587